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För att förstå hur vi arbetar och vad det innebär att vara en del av ADDvise Group vill vi låta ledarna för våra dotterbolag berätta hur det är att vara en del av ADDvise.

Haviv Cohen

CEO, Surplus Diabetic

Joining ADDvise was exactly as advertised

ADDvise has given us the financial expertise and knowledge that allowed our business to take major steps forward. It was just as advertised and even exceeded our expectations.

Tony Robinson

CEO at GraMedica

Revolutionizing orthopedics – GraMedica’s accelerated growth with ADDvise

“Having the capacity to make decisions with a long-term horizon is a privilege,” Tony states, and continues “our partnership with ADDvise has undeniably made us stronger.”

Samuel Hussain

CEO, MRC Cleanroom Systems

ADDvise acknowledge the unique structure of each business

For decades MRC have been a family run business and the transition to being part of a larger group was initially quite daunting. However it shouldn’t have been.

Erik Hoddenbach

Founder and COO at Clinichain

Transforming ideas into accomplishments with ADDvise

Not only did they believe in letting us run the company ourselves, but they were also genuinely nice and easy to trust,” says Erik Hoddenbach, founder and COO at Clinichain.

Chase Williams

CEO, Poly Pharmaceuticals

Business support and access to capital is of huge benefit to us

We have a very strong position in an expanding sector, and being part of ADDVise Group means we can leverage this.

Pelin Sari

CEO Sonesta Medical

With ADDvise by our side, we never walk alone

We are a small company, with a global reach that could not have been achieved without ADDvise.

Patrik Thornström

CEO, AB Germa

Bound for success – the power of a network

Being part of the ADDvise Group has been instrumental in guiding our small company towards a very strong position in the market.

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Förvärv är en av de viktigaste komponenterna för ADDvise-koncernens tillväxt. Vi är alltid öppna för att undersöka möjligheten av förvärv. Vi är långsiktiga ägare med en decentraliserad affärsmodell, med fokus att behålla entreprenörsandan och affärsförmågan på lokal nivå i förvärvade bolag.


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