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Regulatory information- ADDvise Group appoints Mangold to Market Maker

8 Jan, 2019

ADDvise Group AB (publ) announced today that the company has appointed Mangold Fondkommission to provide market making services for the company's shares of series B. The purpose of the market maker is to improve the liquidity of the share and reduce the difference between the buying and selling price. The assignment commences on January 8th 2019.  

Mangold will fulfill its assignment as market maker to ensure the possibility of trading in ADDvise's share every day by continuously placing trading records on each purchase and sales page in the order book. A market maker aims to create a more accurate price picture in a company's share, which in turn gives a more accurate valuation of the company and allows for an improved trading volume in the share.


For further information, please contact:

Rikard Akhtarzand, CEO
+46 765-25 90 71

About ADDvise Group

ADDvise Group AB (publ) is a leading supplier of equipment to healthcare and research facilities. The group consists of approximately 10 subsidiaries organized into two business areas, Lab and Healthcare. Sales are global. The Group has a clear acquisition strategy with the aim of raising shareholder value and expand the business – both geographically and product wise. ADDvise Group’s shares are listed on Nasdaq First North and Mangold Fondkommission AB, +46 8 503 015 50, CA@mangold.se, is the Company's Certified Adviser. Additional information is available at www.addvisegroup.com.

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